​​Want to help us make city life available for young professionals? Get onboard as real estate partner!

Allihoop provides co-living as a service to young professionals and expats. We turn your property into smart co-living homes, mixing private and shared living spaces. By working with us you increase the value of your property, and unlock more homes for an important workforce. At the same time, contributing to long-term sustainable city development from both an environmental and social aspect.

Our members is a global network of like minded, ambitious, highly educated young professionals and expats on the move. All of them taking on the next challenge in life in a new city. Together with you, we create a place they can call home. 

What does co-living mean?

Co-living brings people together. It’s a cost-efficient, flexible and community based way of living where you have your own apartment and access to shared spaces, and other people.

We turn your property into co-living homes, boosting value long-term

​​How does it work?

Smart designed co-living spaces means profitable property deployment that increases the value of the building. Allihoop becomes your new tenant, providing co-living as a service in your building. We transform your property, existing or planned, into smart co-living homes.

We offer you a hasslefree end-to-end service, from lease to operations. It begins with us leasing an entire or parts of your building, and re-design it for co-living, combining private apartments and shared spaces. Once furnished, we make it available for our exclusive members, manage all operations related to the residents and run the community in the building. Hasslefree living, hasslefree property management.

 Lease property 


& Furnish

Manage Operations

Run Community 

Signed - Designed -

Operational in 4 weeks   

200sqm turned into 11 apartments with

shared spaces in 4 weeks.

100 % occupancy since day 1

First breakthrough in Midsommarkransen 1

Do you want to be part of the journey?

 We have 1000 members waiting. 

Establishing a collaborative and long-term partnership is the starting point of our business. We want to partner up with innovate real estate owners to co-create new co-living homes at urban locations.


By working with us you can increase the value of your property, unlock more homes for your city while at the same time contribute to a long term social sustainable impact in your urban neighborhood.

What are the property criterias ?  

Currently, we are looking for properties that:

  • Can host between 30-250 members or 1000-4000 sqm real estate space 

  • On urban locations at 5-30 min commuting distance from the city centre

  • In Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Uppsala, Jönköping, Linköping, Lund or in the Nordics, such as Copenhagen, Aarhus, Helsinki, Oslo

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