Frequently asked questions

Get to know co-living

What is co-living and who is it for ?

Co-living is a modern and flexible form of housing where residents share living space, but also interests and goals. Our co-living locations are imagined for young professionals on the move who like to have people nearby and enjoy sharing while settling in a foreign country.

What's the difference between co-living and staying in a hotel?

Co-living is an hybrid lifestyle, part hotel, part apartment, part coworking space and part networking hub. People who choose to live in co-living spaces often do so to belong to a vibrant community in addition to their private and professional life. The main thing to remember is that as a co-liver, you can make great connexions and feel home without difficulty and to avoid the lonely and unhomie stay in a hotel.

Will I have privacy ?

Keeping your privacy is an important part of the co-living process, this is why you generally have a private room or a small furnished apartment alongside the common areas. You can find the perfect balance between relaxing time on your own & the community life when you feel like it. Basically, this is your choice! You’re always invited and never forced.

Can I conciliate my professional life with co-living ?

Definitely ! Co-living usually provides high-speed WI-FI as an included service so you can work from your office apartment or choose to work among others in common areas and co-working spaces. If you work at the office, having a drink or dinner with friends is a good way to end a productive day. You will also live with people from different horizons with projects and professional goals so this could be your chance to find companions and start your own dream business.

In what sense does co-living improve my life?

In a co-living location, you live surrounded by a community of like-minded people: freelancers and entrepreneurs, creatives and rebels. Co-living gives you the chance to collaborate and share ideas as well as get inspired while you’re enjoying some good quality time within the community. This kind of lifestyle also creates a communal mindset that fosters sustainable living.

What is the part shared/private space in co-living?

Difficult one. With co-living, you can have either your own full-furnished apartment with private kitchen and bathroom, either a furnished room with shared kitchen and bathroom. Which is great! Because it means you can find the configuration which suits you best. At Allihoop, you'll have different types of home depending on which location you are. You'll find every accomodation details in your member area.

how does a community work ?

3 words: Caring, sharing & living! An easy recipe. Basically, a co-living community is a team of different people supporting and helping each others. They respect others needs, a basic rule that makes the community a trustful place to be. Thanks to that, the best part of the community can happen! People make connexions, become friends and make their life a successions of memorable souvenirs. In some co-living comminuties, you'll get to know ambassadors who make sure your stay is as fantastic as expected, they make the community stronger and can help in your daily experience.

Will I have liberty?

Your freedom is the foundations of co-living! We are very willing to give you all the liberty you need to feel home and create your own safe space. On a daily life, you decide of what your day will be made of. You can schedule all your cleaning sessions by yourself and organize community events as you with it : you run the community. We only make sure that respect and trust stays a priority to make your experience as best as possible.

Is co-living only for professionals?

Co-living is a concept of shared living. Depending on the brands and projects, you can find co-living homes for the eldery, students, basically all types of people. Our co-living homes aim to suit with the student/young professional life.

Get to know Allihoop

How do I become an Allihoop member?

Quick & Easy ! All the process can be done through the website by clicking on the “APPLY NOW” button and filling with your personal infos. You’ll later enter in contact with one member of our team who will guide you through the process. By signing the lease contract, you will become an Allihooper and be able to have the benefit of joining our community and enjoy our facilities. Bring your suitcase, we take care of the rest.

What’s included in my subscription?

Utilities like water, heating and electricity, high speed WiFi, digital services and community, cleaning and maintenance, access to shared spaces.

What’s unique about Allihoop?

We always value maintaining our community fresh and active and make sure that our members enjoy their experience with us regarding the fact that all the members are the core of our community. You will play a role to keep this community active, happy and alive. We offer 24/7 support in addition to our clear billing system. You will enjoy your stay in our fully furnished designed with passion flats.

What do I find in my apartment ?

It depends of which location you live in. But you will find all the necessary furnitures such as beds, shelves, storage space or desk. We make sure to optimize space to provide you everything you need. Our furnished apartments have all small kitchens and bathroom amenities in it. When living in Spanga, you will have a fully furnished room and access to common areas with bathroom and a spacious shared kitchen.

How long can I stay with Allihoop?

The minimum stay period is 3 months. After 3 months, the notice period is 30 days from both parts. The lease contract ends automatically when the rental period ends.

Can I personalize my apartment?

You can always feel free to leave your personal touch in the space as long as it doesn't damage the unit; this is your home! We would be happy if you share images of your decorated units in the community app to inspire others.

Can I work from my Allihoop location ?

Each unit is equipped with a table/desk where you can work or study. We are eager to become the best place for young professionals and we value entrepreneurship. Of course you are always welcome to use common areas where you can feel free to work from as a co-working space.

How does check-in work?

We always try to keep things as simple as possible, you just need to enter the building grab the keys from Keybox/Reception desk (as indicated in the welcome letter) and you will have access to everything including your room, shared spaces, laundary room, etc. By signing the contract lease, 10 days prior to your arrival you will receive an email from us with the all the instructions showing how to check-in.

What are the apartments sizes ?

Regarding our Studio types we provide spaces from 12 sqm to 30 sqm depending on the location + 40 sqm to 180 sqm shared space (you can see how we admire shared activities!), you can see further details in the members area section.

Where are the Allihoop locations?

Our locations are accesible within max. 30 min from Stockholm City Center by public transportation. You'll find all property details on this page.

How are the locations ruled?

The community is the ruler. Once you signed the contract and the house rules, you and your neighbors are responsible for the place. That doesn't mean that we aren't there. Indeed, we make sure that everything is happening correctly and that you have a good stay with us but we want our residents to feel at home and not controled. The residents can contact us for any support at any moment and also talk to their community ambassadors.