We’re a community who help each other out. We believe every helpful action fuels a wave of positivity. A movement that inspires others to action. Camaraderie spreads like rings on the water. Be the first one to help and you’ll be the first one to be helped. In our community, we make room for those who contribute to making it better. Together we are stronger.

Strive For Better

We want something in life. We are a bunch of doers who believe in ourselves and others. We believe enthusiasm is contagious, so we encourage others to pursue their ambitions just as much as we build the next big thing for ourselves. Curiosity is at the deep core of our backbone. We get shit done. We create. Maybe we’re even the home of the next tech unicorn.


Our freedom stops when other people’s freedom stops. We care about each other’s happiness just as much as we care about others. We are conscious adults who can solve problems by listening to and understanding one another. We are able to question our strongest belief before questioning others. We celebrate our differences and make everyone feel happy to come home.


Home is your sacred space. A place where you can feel safe. A place where you can re-energise. A place where you feel just as welcome as you welcome others. It’s a place to relax and a place to rely on. Where you can be yourself, cry, laugh and find support. It’s the second family we form ourselves.

Global Mindset

We’re from all corners of the world and we celebrate our differences. Inclusivity is one of our deepest core values. What unites us is an openness to other people’s point of view and to other cultures. We look inwards before we judge others. We welcome healthy discussions and respect other’s opinions. However, our tolerance always stops where intolerance starts. At Allihoop, there is no room for inequality, racism or sexual harassment.


A bit of sense of humour makes life a journey to enjoy. A joke can make it easier to deal with the seriousness in life. A joke can be the first entry to connect with someone. To build a new relationship. Making respectful jokes and having fun makes life a blast. A bit of laughter for breakfast makes us ready to conquer the day.